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Bangkok Attractions and Sightseeing ThailandBangkok, capital of Thailand and one of Asia's most dynamic cities, is the heart and soul of the country. This frantic and steamy tropical city offers surprises at every turn. Gleaming skyscrapers, glittering temples, colourful street markets, sophisticated shopping malls, bustling nightlife, and a vibrancy which reflects the incredible economic growth of the last few years. A booming, modern capital, Bangkok still manages to retain its unique Siamese heritage in the wonderful food, culture, exotic architecture, Buddhist tolerance and Thai hospitality. The new "Skytrain" a symbol of Bangkok's rapid development, provides not only a convenient way to get around the main areas, but also some great views over a capital in constant change. No longer the "Venice of the East" nor the city of Angels, Bangkok is, without doubt, one of the most exciting cities in the world. A trip to Thailand would not be complete without at least one visit....

Do's and Don'ts in Bangkok

Bangkok is faces, markets, and traffic - Bangkok stick to you, lots of impressions. But what is remarkable is the crowd, as people as traffic as shops.

Next what you will remark is the smile, the kindness, and the extreme politeness. Nothing is more important in this country.

Bangkok is the huge in all meanings of the word. Huge malls, Huge streets, huge eyes to see it all. Than you have the King, nothing has more importance as their King.

Buddhism is part of life, same as the believe in ghosts and spirits. Everywhere you will see, Monks, Temples and spirit houses.

Transport is extreme important as every hour of the day streets are packed, and hours of traffic jam. Skytrain, Uplifted highways and MRT are gifts from heaven. The new airport : Suvarnabhumi Airport has improved tourism a lot, to extreme high standards. Online Departures - Arrivals

Food. Thai people almost eat constantly. Up to 5 or more times a day, little snacks, great dinners. They almost never cook themselves but eat outside in shopping malls, on the streets or with friends. Most eated food recipes.

Thai. The Thai language is fun to learn, you will have a lot of smiles when you talk a little. Careful to use the correct pronunciation. Thai phrase here | screen virtual Thai Keyboard here

Sanuk - no English word exist for this. It means 'joy the vivre' or joy of life. What you do have to be joy able if not skip it or change. Thailand is the country with the most bank holidays of the world.

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